Relax & Empower Guided Visualizations for Women, Kelly Rudolph

Tired, stressed, off track, angry, fearful, lost, frustrated, overwhelmed? You need to adjust your energy ...FAST.

SIX audios to take you through your busy day nourishing your mind and body along the way...

Audio #1: Wake Up, Powerful Day

Stop waking tired and anxious and tap into your inner power to feel strong and capable.

"Afternoon Boost"
Audio #4: Afternoon Energizer

Reboot your energy and mood during the afternoon slump for a fresh start.

"Get Things Done"
Audio #2: Taking Inspired Action

Throw procrastination out the window and accomplish tasks and projects with enthusiasm!

"Release Negative"
Audio #5: Releasing Negative Emotions From The Day

Let go of draining energy picked up from other people and situations and feel better fast!

Audio #3: Bubble Of Inspiration

Pushing through is hard work but being pulled forward by what you love is a fun ride!

"Solid Sleep"
Audio #6: Peaceful Sleep

Tie up your day with a bow and set yourself up for a good night and successful tomorrow.

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  • The morning after a sleepless night when you wonder how you’ll make it through the day and want a fresh start and energy boost.
  • When you wake up dreading the day or feeling panic due to a difficult situation or conversation and want to relax and feel safe and strong.
  • When you wake feeling great and want an extra shot of positive energy and focus on your importance in the world and the values that keep you strong.

Start your day with me to feel supported and empowered!

  • When procrastination causes stress and self-doubt, inject your next action with inspiration to get it done and feel successful and accomplished.
  • When you feel behind and unable to catch up, get a positive energy reboot that moves you ahead quickly and with confidence to take the lead.
  • To switch overwhelm to powerful focus, infuse your action-taking with positive energy to ensure the best outcome and response to your efforts.

Let’s meet up before you begin your task or project.

  • You feel off-track and uncertain about your purpose and want a powerful, positive vision of how important you are the gifts you have to share.
  • When you are feeling uninspired about your life and dragged down by negative people, news or situations, a fresh start feeling worthy, focused and inspired is just what you need.
  • When you are already on a high feeling loved and happy and capable and want an extra boost to stay that way.

Let’s walk through a beautiful meadow together. This one’s my FAVORITE!

  • Perfect for those after lunch times you feel low on energy and want an energy boost to be productive and feel successfully accomplished.
  • When it seems like the day should be over but you’re only halfway there and want to have that same energy the start of your day had.
  • For a perfect mid-day enthusiasm reboot, check-in and peaceful, powerful break to keep you moving forward with grace and peace of mind.

I’ll show you the small things that add up to create an excellent energy boost!

  • When you feel dragged down by negative news or a difficult situation and you want a clean slate to start over feeling strong and optimistic.
  • When you feel negative people weighing you down and you want to lighten your load so you can manage your day and feel good.
  • You might feel great and want to be sure to release any hidden negative feelings to stay solid in your self-care and present for your loved ones.

Meet you at the beach for this one!

  • Worry monopolizes your mind at bedtime keeping you awake, and you want to relax and feel certain everything will work out for you.
  • When you want health and immunity benefits from sleep, but your brain just won’t turn off, and you need a way to tune out and get the deep rest you need.
  • When you’ve had a great day and want to ensure another one tomorrow with a solution to a problem by morning and a beautiful scene to fall asleep to.

I’ll meet you at a beautiful lake at sunset.

Can you visualize yourself walking on this beach in Coronado, California smelling the salty air, feeling the warm sunshine on your skin, the wet sand on your feet and the ocean breeze in your hair? 

How do i know if This will work for me?

Great question! Guided visualizations work best for visual people who can daydream and tend to use words and phrases like imagine, picture this, visualize, see yourself… etc. 

If you’re someone who can SEE a story as someone is telling it to you or imagine yourself in the situation in full color in your mind’s eye, you are an excellent candidate for guided visualization! 

If your personality style is more thinking than feeling, extra practice may be necessary. Check out the sample audio beneath the beach image to test it out. We want to be sure visualization is a good fit for you. 

Decades of experience as Close as your earbuds

With extensive training, powerful experience, and consistently high results working with energy and the subconscious mind since 1984, I am thrilled to provide you emotional support and an energetic frequency boost when you need it most! — Kelly Rudolph, Certified Life Coach, Hypnotist, NLP Practitioner


There's no time to waste on things that won't work

It’s common to find meditation or visualization audios that unintentionally lead you to be more stuck, more stressed and feel worse overall due to the creator’s lack of understanding of the subconscious mind. 

Relax & Empower Guided Visualizations For Women have each word in the exact right place in each sentence to get the you best results with your subconscious mind. You deserve the BEST.

What Women Are Saying!

These are some of my favorite energy tools Kelly has given me! I wake up with Wake Up – Powerful Day, go to sleep with Peaceful Sleep, and have the other four on-tap for whatever comes my way. Adjusting my energy has literally saved my life.
Master Sergeant Teri O., Orlando, Florida
I’m reminded of how powerfully strong and capable I am. These guided visualizations got me back on track knowing that I can move forward with a major decision that had me confused.
Kelly Bouchard, International Motivational Speaker & Success Coach
My favorite part of this one was the energy flowing up and down my arms. I felt more energy everywhere after this visualization. Perfect pick me up in the afternoon. Will definitely keep me ready for my evening clients.
Christine Baumgartner, Dating Coach

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1 hour recorded workshop teaching and practicing the power of visualization with Kelly Rudolph. Four guided visualization practices include relaxation, self-love, sending love and protection to loved ones, and success. You can also take the quiz and earn a beautiful certificate!
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